Wine Vineyard Destinations In The UK


For people who are enthusiastic about wine, the summer is a great time for a wine-themed vacation. Wine tourism is a very popular concept, and of course there are stunning vineyards all over the world that people absolutely love to visit. There’s nothing quite like sampling a region’s fine wine at the actual vineyard that produces it!

Many in the UK feel that wine tourism options exist only abroad. Indeed, the UK doesn’t quite come to mind when one considers the world’s foremost wine producing regions. Many believe that the best place to go for fine wine in the UK is the closest Marks & Spencer, where there are vintages from all over the world. And in some cases, this might be true. But in reality, UK wine is actually somewhat underrated. The region has expanded and improved its wine production in recent years, and is now home to a number of promising and enjoyable vineyards, all located on breathtaking estates that make for beautiful vacation destinations. Here are a few to consider for a summer getaway!

Three Choirs Vineyards

Located in Gloucestershire, Three Choirs offers an incredibly pleasant wine tasting and vacation experience. Visitors have the option to stay in rooms located by the vineyard restaurant, or in wood cabins along the vineyards themselves, and there are multiple nearby oppourtunities for exploring beautiful nature. Additionally, Three Choirs offers a wonderful variety of good wine. Generally speaking, people think of sparkling wine as the UK’s best, but at Three Choirs you’ll also find fine white and red wines.

Camel Valley

Located along the River Camel in Cornwall, the Camel Valley has a few internationally recognized wines for you to try. Specifically, the sparkling Rosé is considered one of the best in the world, and makes the trip worthwhile all on its own! Additionally, the catered cottages within the vineyard estate make for a very comfortable stay, and the valley itself is beautiful.

Valley Farm Vineyards

If you’re looking for more of a family vacation surrounding a vineyard, Valley Farm may be just right for you. Located in the countryside of Suffolk, the vineyard accommodations consist of converted farmhouse space that can sleep up to 10 members of your family! Beautiful gardens, easy access to the coast, and the wine tours themselves make for a very enjoyable retreat. And, if you need to bring the little ones along, there are even babysitting appointments available!


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