Travel Resolutions in 2014

Every year I give myself a few resolutions. Quit smoking, lose weight, travel to a new destination, etc. As you can see, I’m still working on the quitting smoking and losing weight. However, I’m not messing up on my other one – I follow through with it, I visit a new spot every summer.

It’s difficult to accomplish as there are so many great places to go. I have tried to get the family out whenever we can to tour across the United Kingdom. We have been to Ireland and Wales multiple times as well. For the most part, I’d say we have covered the main attractions that interest us close to home.

So we ended up on going the extra mile this year. We planned a trip for three different places. We will be doing the first one in a few weeks, the second one once the weather gets better, and the third one in August.

1)     Visit the King Tut Replica Tombs

As soon as I heard about this, I had to add it to my list. Located in Luxor, Upper Egypt, there are actually replica King Tut tombs. They only recently announced them as being open for the public, but I have been following their development for a while now. I cannot wait to make this surreal experience a reality, it’s been a part of my fantasy checklist for many years.

2)     Walk Along the Great Wall

Surprisingly, even though I have been almost everywhere you can imagine in England, I have never formally vacationed to Hadrian’s wall. My husband had the experience of going there before, so it never ended up being a compatible choice for the two of us. He’s not as into walking-based trips either, but I know the kids and myself will love it.

This just seems to be one of those things that have to be on our bucket list. China has their own, massive wall and it’s spoken about highly all across the world. The wall separating England and Wales is something of a similar nature, but mostly respected amongst those in England and in Wales. It may just be a wall, but the landscape surrounding it also looks incredible from the pictures I have seen.

3) Travel to a City in the United States

I’ve been all over the United Kingdom. I have also gone to Paris, Tokyo, Perth, Mexico, Niagara Falls, Cuba, the list goes on. The one place I haven’t really had the chance to explore is the United States of America. It always seemed lacklustre to me, but maybe that’s due to their metropolitan dominance. There didn’t seem to be a unique draw-in, until I looked into specific cities.

There were a few that caught my attention. I was very interested in going to Los Angeles, but I ended up settling on San Francisco. The main attraction for us was the better deals with San Francisco hotels.

San Francisco appears to be a very well lit up city with tons of things to do and it apparently has a very active night life. The night life aspect is something we are new to as night life over here is much different than in the United States.

We already booked a hotel room in San Francisco as we found a limited time offer at one of the best San Francisco hotels. We plan to stay for a whole week in August. This is our longest trip of the year. We have been spending every weekend looking at different tourist attractions, activities, and sceneries to plan it all out. Suffice to say, we’re excited to get away from our daily working lives and it can’t come any sooner.



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