Top 5 Places to Get a Holiday Home or Park Your Caravan

One of the best ways to see Britain is to get a holiday home and set a base up for further exploration. Another popular option is to take a caravan, drive the roads and explore the best of Britain. There are many Holiday homes and caravans for sale in the country. Here are a few places that we would like to go.


Our goal in life is to have a holiday cottage in Dorset – it’s our favorite area of Britain. It’s rural charm and green rolling hills leading to the sea is a paradise on Earth.


Cornwall has a charm of it’s own and it very different from the rest of the UK – it even has its own language and a small nationalist movement! Cornwall is often thought of as rather odd – they even have their own accent – which is apparent on the hit show Doc Martin, which is set in Cornwall.


I’ve always wanted to go North and there’s a lot of romance around this classic seaside town full of history, amusements and garish casinos. It has a charm all its own and I can’t wait to visit.

Yorkshire Moors

I have a dream of one way parking a caravan on top of a hill in the Yorkshire moors and just enjoying the views for as long as I possibly can. One day it will happen!


Brighton is the southern cousin to Blackpool and some would argue that it’s a better place to visit. Only an hour from London by train, it’s east to get to and you’re sure to have a lot of fun. Don’t forget to visit the Blackpool Pavilion, inspired by Britain’s imperial past.

What’s your favorite place to have a holiday cottage in Britain?


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