Top 5 London Museums for Kids


London’s museums are some of the best in the world. However, this doesn’t matter much if you’re a seven year old with the attention span of, well, a seven year old. So how does someone manage to take advantage of all of the culture London has to offer without boring their child to death? Read on to find out how “kid friendly museum” doesn’t have to be an oxymoron.

The Best Museum for the future paleontologist…..The Natural History Museum, South Kensington

This is the obvious one. From the animal clad architecture to the huge dinosaur that greets you in the foyer, the Natural History Museum will instantly pique the interest of even the most rambunctious child. Some of the classic kid friendly attractions include the life size Blue Whale in the mammals zone and the Giant Sequoia at the top of the Central Hall. The most excitement that the Natural History Museum can be discovered within the impressive dinosaur exhibit, which boasts a robotic T-Rex that is so realistic you may want to leave the tykes under seven to some of the more tame exhibits. Another standout exhibit is the Earthquake Room, which mimics a quake in a Kobe supermarket. Be sure to drop by the the scrapbook kiosk in the Dinosaur gallery where kids can get loads of fun games, find out fascinating facts, and more, which you can access on the website once you get home.

The Best Museum for the future history professor… The British Museum, Bloomsbury

The British Museum prides itself on inspiring curiosity within it’s younger visitors. Take the website, for instance, which has an interactive “Young Explorer” section that can be used to get your child interested for what lays ahead. Plus, what kid wouldn’t love to see loads of ancient artifacts? The British Museum offers numerous opportunities for your child to experience everything they’ve been learning about in school firsthand. Wander through ancient Egypt where the mummification process is explained with such gruesome detail that you’ll have more of an issue getting your child out of the museum than you did going in.  Or explore ancient Greece with the ruins of a Golden Age temple. While you’re there, drop by the Paul Hamlyn Library to pick up crayons and other art materials so that your kid can make their own souvenir and take a bit of the museum home with them.

The Best Museum for the future aviator… The Science Museum, South Kensington

Right down the road from the Natural History Museum sits the more subtly adorned Science Museum. Practically the entire space is filled with hands-on and kid friendly exhibits, but the place that you’ll want to spend the most time is in the Flight gallery. Flight features an extensive history of aviation and numerous models to keep your child enamored. Also, though an exhibit dedicated entirely to physics may not sound entirely amusing, Launchpad is another place to take your time in. The exhibit is the most popular in the museum and is filled with over fifty fun activities. Once your child tires out from all the fun, the  IMax cinema is the perfect excuse for a break after wandering through the loads of innovative exhibits.

For the future train conductor… The Transportation Museum, Convent Garden

While we all have our fair share of gripes about the Tube, the Transportation Museum is so kid friendly that it may inspire you to have a change of heart. To start, the entire space is brilliantly coloured making it easy for your child to recognize that this is not just your average museum. The fact that it’s filled with replicas of old tube cars and busses doesn’t hurt either. Download the “Track it down trail” on their website for an added bonus, which offers supplement material to help ensure that your child takes full advantage of the exhibits the space has to offer. There are also two spaces specifically geared towards the younger set. The “All aboard!” section for ages younger than six features a taxi, bus, train, and Tube all in kid friendly sizes and the “Interchange” for ages up to eleven  allows for a child to experience what it is like to drive a bus, which will definitely be incentive enough to drop in on this spot.

For the future museum curator… The Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V & A for short) is known as “The World’s Greatest Museum for Art and Design.” Though this title may impress the more mature visitor, it won’t carry much weight for the under eleven crowd. But don’t write this museum off just yet when considering this for you child’s outing. The loads of interactive activities are definitely worth the visit. From dressing up in period costumes to trying an armour gauntlet on for size, this is by far the most diverse and awe inspiring museum for a child. The well curated V & A even manages to make ceramics interesting to a child by including construction activities and touch objects into the exhibit. This is by far the most unexpectedly, kid friendly museum that London has to offer.


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