Top 5 Haunted UK Attractions

It’s scary to think that we travel far and wide for great attractions which eventually become repetitive and predictable for the family. Why not get in the spirit of summer and put the frighteners on the family with a trip to one of your local haunted abodes? For a “supernatural” day out here’s a list of spooky ghost spots around the UK. See you on the otherside!

Smithills Hall, Lancashire –

This 12th century hall in Bolton, Lancashire is the home to ethereal martyr George Marsh. For his Protestant beliefs he was burned at the stake in 1555 and during questioning of his beliefs at Smithills Hall, he angrily stamped the floor so hard that he left a footprint in the stone floor. Later when the stone was replaced, strange happenings occurred in the hall and only once the stone was brought back to the hall did these strange happenings cease. An appearance on the Most Haunted TV show in 2005 gave it a larger publicity than had originally been seen.

Aston Hall, Midlands –

Built in the 15th century for Sir Thomas Holte, 1st Baronet, this troubled Jacobean country house in Birmingham remains home to his daughter’s spirit. The story behind the grey ghost that has been witnessed here is, the bad tempered Sir Thomas Holte didn’t approve of his daughter’s choice in marriage and decided to lock her up in her room for 16 years. As these punishable years crawled by his daughter became increasingly insane and eventually died through starvation. It’s said that her presence still occupies this hall which was her prison for so many awful years of her life.

Burton Agnes Hall, Yorkshire –

A quite tragic story lies behind the doors of this 16th century Hall in Bridlington from the time when the house was being built. Anne Griffith, the youngest of 3 daughters, was on her way home one day from a friend’s house when she was attacked by thieves and sadly died a few days later from her injuries. Before she died, Anne asked for her head to be kept within the building forever and was promised by her sisters that this would be done. When she died they didn’t keep their word and buried her in the church. Soon after the burial people witnessed her ghost and she wouldn’t let them rest. The sisters later consulted the vicar of the church, took her head and kept it in the house which must have pleased Anne as the disruptions quickly stopped. Through the years, several attempts to remove the head have prompted strange happenings which have led to the skull being permanently built into the main walls of the Hall.

Courtiers House, Oxfordshire –

The ghost of Sarah Fletcher wanders this troubled residence in search for peace that she is yet to find. After her husband decided to marry another lady, from a wealthy background, Sarah decided to end her own life in the bedroom by hanging herself. Because she was a woman, with little rights, the courts quoted her suicide as lunacy rather than the more obvious reason of being distraught after what had happened but, ever since her burial, she has haunted this creepy house in some ominous ways. As the residence was once a boarding school there have been many occasions where pupils and teachers have seen the ghost, sometimes re-enacting her demise, and other times hearing the sound of footsteps as she wanders the halls.

Pythouse, Wiltshire –

After scolding her daughter to death in what she claimed was an accident Molly Peart, a maid at Pythouse, was found guilty of murder and hung within a week for her moot crime. The Father of the child was unknown however a member of the family that she worked for is thought to have been a possibility. The Pink room at Pythouse is where Molly is said to frequently appear but her spirit has caused horrific damage on several incidents. Molly’s skeleton had been kept in the house due to the question over her baby’s Father, but when attempts to remove the skeleton eerily coincided with a fire at the property and 2 separate family deaths, the skeleton was finally left alone.



  1. Stephanie S, 6 years ago

    This 12th century hall in Bolton, Lancashire is the home to ethereal martyr George Marsh. For his Protestant beliefs he was burned at the stake in 1955….hmm they were still burning people at the stake in 1955….learn something new every day..:P

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  2. Just Curious, 6 years ago

    Burned at the stake… in 1955??

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  3. Alan Gregory, 6 years ago

    Whoops! It definitely wasn’t 1955. Thanks Stephanie.

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  4. Denise, 5 years ago

    Best part of visiting the UK is hearing all the scary stories of dastardly deeds & gruesome deaths & the ghosts that linger behind. Never miss a chance to go on a ghost tour where ever I am either.

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