Top 5 Classic London Musicals


When taking a trip to London’s celebrated West End to see a musical it is possible for the future theatregoer to be spoilt for choice. What with so many new musicals opening every year, it is hard to know which out of the vast selection of shows to pick. As well as being a great place for new musicals, London’s West End houses a lot of great long running shows that have survived the years. These classic London musicals are so popular that they seem to be sure fire hits where entertainment is concerned. We have listed what we think are the five best London theatre classics:

1- Les Misérables. Claude-Michel Schonberg’s musical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s French revolution novel, Les Misérables, is one of the world’s longest running musicals. Now in its 27th year on the West End, millions of audience members have heard the musicals famous scores, with songs such as ‘Bring Him Home’ becoming iconic in the world of musical theatre. With well in excess of 10,000 performances, this show is a safe bet for anyone looking to experience London theatre at its finest.

2- Blood Brothers. First performed in 1983 and running at London’s Phoenix Theatre since 1991, the musical has managed to captivate audiences for decades. Focused around the separation of two twins at birth and their reunion years later, Blood Brothers combines elements of comedy and deep tragedy. There is a definite ‘something for everyone’ feel about the show, which is perhaps a contributing factor to its wide scale popularity.

3- Phantom of the Opera. Born in the 80’s alongside musical greats such as Les Misérables, Cats and Starlight Express, Phantom of the Opera has run for over 26 years. Telling the timeless tale of unrequited love and the struggle of a social outcast, Phantom appeals to all ages. Demonstrating breathtaking stage effects and some of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s finest original scores, the performance is consistently delivered to the highest standards and seems set to last for many years to come.

4- Chicago. Following its West End revival in 1997, Chicago has entertained audiences for well over a decade. The story is based on Roxie Hart’s murder trial, in which she stands accused of killing a liaison of hers. The production is filled with the vintage charm of its 1920’s setting and boasts a wealthy of jazzy numbers, such as ‘Razzle Dazzle’ and ‘All That Jazz’. This show will entertain anyone who enjoys well choreographed dance numbers and powerful tunes. Due to the sexual and violent elements to the show, it is not recommended for children under 12.

5- We Will Rock You. Perhaps London’s most popular jukebox musical, We Will Rock You boasts over 30 of Queen’s hits. Set in a bleak future realm in which music has been band, We Will Rock You is an explosively loud musical that will entice any lover of good old fashioned rock and electric pop. Now in its 10th year, We Will Rock You looks set to have audience members dancing and singing for many more years to come.

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