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The British are an equestrian nation without a doubt. If you are a horse lover and you’re looking for fun horse related things to do around the capitol, then this is the perfect list for you. We’ve got everything from full participation to spectator sport on this list! Horse related events are often perfect family days out and young children love anything to do with animals. There’s also something here for all price points. Whether you feel like splashing out or pinching pennies we’ve got you fully covered. Read on for more horse related fun than you can shake a riding crop at.

Kempton Park Racecourse

This fully kitted out racing mecca is just a stones are away from central London and fully accessible by road and rail. Kempton hosts some of England’s most important meets in the racing calendar such as the Cheltenham Cup. Not only does it cater to hard-core racing fanatics and traditional events but there are also family fun days out with funfairs, live music and food. There is also a complete entertainment suite to rent out if you want to host a wedding here.

Trent Park Riding School

This north London riding school establishment is a perfect place for visitors to pick up a couple of riding lesson in some of London’s most scenic park lands and outdoor spaces. They have a range of lessons for all abilities and also offer riding and hacking opportunities. We think this is the perfect way to see a little seen side of London if you are just visiting–not many people say they have seen London on horseback!

Olympia London Horse Show

This competitive riding extravaganza allows horse lovers the chance to see the top riders in the world, the most priceless horses and rare horse breeds. There’s something on the programme for everyone at this pre-Christmas staple. Outside of the show ring there are also shopping stores so you can fill up with as much pony merchandise as you can carry. Tickets go quickly so try to book a couple of months in advance before your visit.

The options don’t stop there. If you want to see more then try visiting The Royal Mews Buckingham Palace- if you are a fan of the British royal family then you will love this guided tour of the Royal family’s famous golden carriages and prized horses at Buckingham Palace. You’ll get a chance to see the fantastic gilded uniforms of the Royal livery and the stunning carriages up close, as well as meet the horses that pull their carriages. There are practically unlimited places to see horses in and around London. In particular, keep an eye out for the tall and athletic police horses that help to keep London streets safe. You will see them patrolling even the busiest areas of central London–up to 9 miles per day. Take a camera and see if you can get a snap with a mounted police officer. Now that will be a great holiday memento.


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  1. Paula Olson, 4 years ago

    The Horse Guards at Whitehall change daily at 11am. It is quite spectacular to watch the horses come down The Mall and into the Guards. There is also a very interesting museum at the Horse Guards. I believe it is 7 pounds for adults. You can watch guards taking care of their mounts–untacking, grooming, feeding. Take pictures of yourself in uniforms–the uniforms change daily and I had my pic snapped while wearing a helmet with a fringe! There is a museum guide who is very happy to answer all questions.

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