Edinburgh Attractions for Kids


Families who are visiting Scotland don’t have to worry about running out of things to do Edinburgh when they visit. Scotland’s capital city contains several attractions that kids of all ages can appreciate. Accommodation is plentiful such as the Jurys hotel in Edinburgh situated right in the heart of the city. Whether they enjoy seeing animals, learning about science or exploring history, Edinburgh offers plenty of memorable sightseeing options to choose from.

Edinburgh Zoo

The Edinburgh Zoo offers kids the chance to see more than 1,000 animals. Located in the western part of the city, the zoo houses several species of birds and mammals from around the world. Popular attractions include the giant panda exhibit and the Queensland koala habitat. The zoo also has the world’s largest penguin enclosure, where kids can see rockhopper and gentoo penguins. Daily activities include educational talks and walkabout tours.

Our Dynamic Earth

Kids can enjoy a 4D experience, walk through an undersea tunnel and stand on an active volcano at Our Dynamic Earth. This science center features interactive exhibits that teach kids about the natural history of earth. This attraction is located near the Scottish Parliament on Holyrood Road. Other notable exhibits include a tropical rainforest, a time machine and a spaceship where kids can watch the Big Bang take place.

Museum of Childhood

Kids can see collections of toys, books, clothing and games dating back to the 18th century at the Museum of Childhood. The museum is located in two buildings near South Gray’s Close. Exhibits include the sounds of a 1930s classroom, a Victorian street with outdoor toys and a costume collection with more than 2,500 pieces of clothing. The museum also contains more than 10,000 children’s books, magazines and comics.

Mary King’s Close

Families with kids who are at least five years old can tour the underground tunnels and streets known as Mary King’s Close. The tours are led by guides dressed up as different characters, including a maid and a poet. The guides walk visitors through the old close while telling them stories about plagues, ghosts and other events that took place when the underground neighborhood was still in use. The close is located near East Princes Street Gardens.

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions

Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura lets kids see impressive moving images of the city on a viewing table. Located in the Outlook Tower near Edinburgh Castle, this attraction dates back to the early 1850s. The building also features interactive exhibits that focus on optical illusions, holograms, kaleidoscopes and moving pictures. These attractions provide an entertaining and fun way for way to kids to learn about science.


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