10 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Buying in London


The more often the word “London” is mentioned, the more difficult it is for one to find the right words to describe the sheer vibrancy of the city. It is renowned all over the world as a mecca that lures even the most reluctant shoppers. From fashion items, to the most carefully produced handicrafts, to chocolates and teas, London has everything that suits your insatiable desire to shop.

So when you’re in the city, make sure to take some time to pamper yourself with these goods (Don’t worry, guilty pleasures aren’t too bad after all).


London is one of the world’s fashion capitals, which accounts for the abundance of clothing shops—especially those on Oxford Street and the small boutiques on Brick Lane.

With its noticeably different fashion vibe, this style-savvy metropolis offers nearly any type of apparel: from street clothes to high fashion outfits. Wool scarves are also among the most common attires when you’re hitting the streets of London; the city’s wind and chilly air make them a necessity.


Savour every mouthful of London’s delectable culinary delights. The “Big Smoke” has a wonderful array of rare, scrumptious food products. Often, these delicacies can make the best gifts because they’re unusual and hardly obtainable. You might want to try jellied and stewed eels as well as winkles, which are some of London’s exotic dishes.

Pies, sandwiches, jams, marmalade, jelly and fish n’ chips are popular dishes among the British. Pie and mash—London’s traditional working-class food originating from the East end of the city since the 19th century—are still common in the South and East London and in many parts of Kent and Essex.


Buying souvenirs is an essential component of every tourist’s ultimate travel experience. From the ritzy shopping malls to the chaotic street markets and museum shops, London offers a wide array of must-have quirky souvenir items: the royal guard teddy bear, Union Jack tea towel, metal key rings, Union Jack umbrella and the ever-hilarious t-shirt with the printing “My friend went to London and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”.


If you are looking for items to buy because of their age, rarity, condition, personal emotional connection and unique features, you are in the right place to get the best of them. With its rich cultural heritage, London never runs out of old collectible items. There are several little antique markets in various places in the city where you can find notable items such as old letter holder, ink well and many more for relatively low prices.

Theatre Tickets

London has an enormous array of various shows playing both in the main West End theatres and the smaller fringe venue, from gripping dramas to the biggest spectacles going.

Make sure to buy London theatre tickets before they run out; they sell out pretty fast. You’ll also get a wider choice of seats if you book in advance; it will reduce the time you spend waiting in line.


When in London, you should try drinking tea even if coffee is your pleasure. Tea shops offer loose leaf tea as well as tea bags in over 100 different varieties from all around the world. They also have teapots and accessories, such as tea infusers in different shapes. Tea infusers are necessary for loose-leaf tea. Look for tea makers, teapots, tea coasters and tea linens.

You may want to visit Twinings, the oldest tea shop in London, too!


Satiate your sweet tooth and check out the capital’s best chocolate shops. From pure dark chocolate; to inventive truffles; to chocolate art, London’s chocolatiers really do raise the bar when it comes to selling cacao products–possibly the best in the world. The metropolis is lined with chocolate shops where you can find chocolate boxes, chocolate bars, chocolate pralines, chocolate pieces… they have it all.


Pre-loved Items

Don’t be fooled by the word “junk”. It could be another man’s treasure. Justifying its reputation as one of the world’s premier shopping destinations, London is embedded with charity shops where you can snap up pre-loved items like books, amazing designer clothes, electrical goods, and almost everything else—all in perfect condition. All the items have been donated and the proceeds go directly to charity.


London is a big city packed with tourist spots to see. It is also extremely difficult to navigate. It takes a taxi driver three to four years to learn driving in the city’s remotest nooks. You’ll need a London map, especially if you’re planning to see the sights. If you don’t want to get lost in your trip, it is an absolute must to get one.

Oyster Cards

Oyster cards are very specific to London. These smart tickets allow you to hop on and off the city’s public transport network with ease. It allows you to save money, too. It’s easy to travel around London by tube, London bus, train, and bike using oyster cards.

London truly lives up to its name as the shopping capital of the world. This pulsating metropolis provides an ultimate experience to thrill and delight the most discerning of shoppers. Being the global city that it is, London is beyond any doubt a shopping paradise.



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